10 Best Cute But Cringeworthy Aegyo Scenes In K-Dramas Aegyo is commonly used in K-dramas and can include cutesy voices & puppy dog eyes. These are the cudemo but most cringeworthy aegyo in K-dramas.

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Collage of aegyo scenes from K-dramas
K-drama fans know that even the cuchạy thử aegyo can be a bit cringeworthy - in the best way possible. What does a worthy aegyo moment imply? Aegyo is part of Korean culture that includes using dễ thương gestures, talking in baby-talk or with endearing voices, or performing adorable dances & other displays of affection. As aegyo is a big part of everyday Korean life, it"s also seen in many K-dramas.

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Fans can"t help but laugh yet find it incredibly cringey when their favorite characters burst inkhổng lồ an aegyo moment. Some displays of aegyo have become người favorites & actress Kyên ổn Sejeong is even dubbed the "Aegyo Queen." Aegyo scenes may be đáng yêu and comical khổng lồ see, but can also have viewers letting out a "Sheesh."

Welcome to lớn Waikiki has risen in popularity as a worthwhile K-drama. It not only has a memorable comedic scene that fans can"t forget, but a noteworthy aegyo moment. In episode eight, Yoon-Ah (Jung In-Sun) uses aegyo lớn ask for forgiveness from Dong-Gu (Kyên ổn Jung-Hyun).

While she sits at the table, she says Dong-Gu"s name in a sweet baby voice while holding her fists under her chin. While giving hyên ổn her best puppy eyes, Yoon-Ah says she"s sorry. The scene gets even better as Dong-Gu is so surprised by her aegyo that he spits out the water in his mouth at Yoon-Ah.

9 Yoon Chi Woo (The Sweet Blood)

Cho Woo standing in bedroom in The Sweet Blood
The Sweet Blood is a 2021 drama and one of the best K-dramas with a storyline that surrounds vampires and the supernatural. In the drama, Yeon Seo (Song Chae Yoon), a 118-year-old half-vampire, is in a pickle và upphối. Not lớn mention, she keeps getting pestered by her supposed fiancé, Cho Woo (Kyên Ji-Woong). What makes aegyo so comical is its shoông xã factor & it certainly fits the bill in episode 7.

Cho Woo tries lớn cheer up Yeon Soo and gives her a peace offering by making her something khổng lồ eat. She"s so upphối và dislikes Cho Woo so much that she refuses. In an attempt to lớn make her happy, Cho Woo suddenly shakes his shoulders and asks her to eat in a baby voice. Just as viewers were stunned, so was Yeon Soo.

Jong-Seuk holding his fists to his cheeks in High Kichồng 3
High Kick 3 is a 2011 installment of a popular Korean sitcom about life dilemmas, first crushes, và problems at work. While fans enjoyed the drama, there"s one particular scene by the character Jong-Seuk (Lee Jong-Suk) that fans often remember. In one episode, he desperately needs a máy tính xách tay.

The only way he can see himself getting it is by doing some cringeworthy aegyo. Holding his fists up lớn his cheeks & giving his best puppy dog eyes, he asks his sibling for the máy tính in a cutesy voice. He does so by also saying, "puing puing" to sound cute. Jong-Seuk"s aegyo is so shocking that his sibling falls on the bed in dismay. The aegyo later becomes the butt of everyone"s joke.

7 Jung Jae-Chan (While You Were Sleeping)

Jae-Chan doing aegyo khổng lồ case witness in While Your Were Sleeping
While You Were Sleeping may be one of the best legal K-dramas with some swoon-worthy romance, but it also had many comedic moments. In this case, the aegyo Jae-Chan (Lee Jong0Suk) displays in one episode is đáng yêu yet effective.

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In the scene, a child witness is too scared to give his statement in the courtroom. Jae-Chan realizes what he must bởi vì khổng lồ get the child comfortable. He starts talking in a cute voice telling the child he"s Santa"s friover. The display of aegyo actually works, despite his colleagues being in utter shock. His college even says, "Oh my god," in English, at what she just witnessed.

Perfume has two important aegyo scenes that go hand in hvà. The first occurs with Yoon Min-Seok (Kyên Min-Kyu) in episode 12 of the drama. Min-Seok is signing in a sweet voice khổng lồ his girlfrikết thúc while saying "I love sầu you" and making heart gestures with his fingers. At the same time, Seo Yi-Do (Shin Sung-Rok) witnesses it all và is baffled by his friend"s actions, calling it a "nightmare" then smacking Min-Seok with a pillow.

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Comically enough, Yi-Do is in his office & looks straight inlớn the camera. With dead eyes, he starts to lớn recite the same tuy vậy & aegyo moves that Min-Seok did earlier. Yi-Do looks a little stiff when trying khổng lồ be carekhông tính phí and dễ thương. It just so happens that his coworker walks in and so embarrassed by his actions, Yi-Do sinks out of his chair.

5 Jin Seon-Mi (A Korean Odyssey)

The K-drama A Korean Odyssey had just about everything lớn enthrall fans: a riveting romance, fantasy storyline, và even one of the K-dramas that didn"t have sầu a happily ever after. Fans also loved Jin Seon-Mi (Oh Yeon-Seo) và her aegyo moment in episode six. Oh-Gong (Lee Seung-Gi) doesn"t want lớn hear that Seon-Mi is cold because he loves her so much that he would give her his coat.

With a stomp of her foot, Seon-Mi opens her eyes even wider & gives a deadly puppy stare. Oh-Gong knows he"s doomed and refuses to look at her, but can"t help it when she uses a xinh đẹp voice to say she"s cold. So affected by her aegyo, Oh-Gong clutches his heart.

True Beauty is one of those K-dramas that fits the bill of being a great teen drama that hits all the most comtháng K-drama tropes. The drama even has a heartwarming display of aegyo from Lee Su-Ho (Chan Eun-Woo). Su-Ho isn"t exactly known for being xinh tươi or displaying extreme affection. But things change when he starts dating Im Ju-Gyeong (Moon Ga-Young) & gets an idea.

After watching his friover perform an aegyo dance, Su-Ho gives it a try and records himself. But Su-Ho didn"t realize that he actually sent the đoạn Clip khổng lồ Ju-Gyeong. The Clip shows him looking a bit stiff while singing about how much he likes his girlfrikết thúc & how beautiful she is. The Clip not only made Ju-Hyeong smile but fans as well.

3 Kang Mi-Rae (My ID Is Gangphái mạnh Beauty)

What"s the most effective sầu way to get a discount at a store? The answer might be some cringe-worthy aegyo that ultimately didn"t work in Kang Mi-Rae"s (Im Soo-Hyang) favor. Mi-Rae and her friend are shocked at the cost of the candles they want to buy and try to haggle for a discount.

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After her friend"s failed attempt, it"s up to lớn Mi-Rae and it somehow works. She randomly talks in a high-pitched voice while aggressively shaking her shoulders và holding her fist up to lớn her cheeks. The aegyo was so blasphemous that it had her friover and the cửa hàng owner looking away in embarrassment.

There"s a reason why actress Kyên ổn Sejeong is dubbed the "Aegyo Queen." In School 2017, her character Ra Eun-Ho displays one of the most well-known scenes of aegyo to lớn date. In the drama"s final episode, Eun-Ho goes to lớn visit her boyfrikết thúc at his new school and finds two female students trying to lớn flirt with him and give hyên ổn gifts.

What better way to stake your claim than with some aegyo? Eun-Ho calls her boyfriover "Oppa" in a baby voice while making xinh đẹp h& gestures và expressing her dislike in seeing other girls hit on hlặng. Puffing out her cheeks và giving hyên puppy dog eyes, she makes her boyfrikết thúc make clear that she"s his girlfrikết thúc. Once the female admirers are gone, so is the aegyo, & Eun-Ho gets serious.

1 Choi Ae-Ra & Ko Dong-Man (Fight For My Way)

Fight For My Way is a popular drama for its romance and best kissing scenes between the two main characters. The drama also has the top most talked about aegyo scene between the characters Choi Ae-Ra (Kim Ji-Won) and Ko Dong-Man (Park Seo-Joon) in episode 13. While discussing Dong-Man"s decision to lớn continue fighting, Ae-Ra is displeased và uses aegyo to lớn show it.

Her cutesy aegyo shocks their frikết thúc & the food truchồng owner, but Dong-Man won"t baông chồng down from a challenge. Dong-Man fights baông xã with his own aegyo, which"s even more shocking, so shocking that his friends can"t believe their eyes.