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Bkav trang chủ năm ngoái - Free Antivirus software Vietnam

Bkav trang chủ is a không tính phí antivirus software of Vietphái nam, Bkav Home supports the không tính phí antivirus features Bkav (BkavEngine), especially tư vấn tự động hóa warning (Aulớn Protect) on all systems Windows.

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Link Download Bkav Home 2015 main Full Crack
Link tải về Bkav trang chủ năm ngoái - Fixed
With its intuitive interface Vietnamese, easy to use. Home Bkav always update new features, help you improve sầu antivirus, bloông xã and remove sầu spyware, improve sầu working efficiency of the computer. Therefore, Bkav Home Vietnam are a lot of users preferred và trusted. trang chủ Bkav download và install on your computer khổng lồ always reassured that your system is protected automatically.Aukhổng lồ Protect feature, when you receive emails, browse the website, download files from the Internet or intranet, via CD, USB ... on your computer, your antivi khuẩn software will automatically detect Bkav & handle the vi khuẩn if there.BkavHome been designed in accordance with individual users are not regularly exposed to lớn the Internet environment. To protect your computer with virus safety in effective sầu network environment, you should use Bkav Pro software lớn be updated, consulting và best support.

The mode of antivi khuẩn software scans Bkav Home

Quick Scan: Focus scan the most important areas of the system or the virut suspected areas.Full scan scan the entire computer system, including external storage device is plugged in properly, such as memory cards, flash drives, USB ... This scan mode a little bit long.

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Select multiple drives: Selecting multiple drives simultaneously scan different.Select the folder: Select a folder lớn scan for viruses.Depending on the purpose of each person to choose for themselves the most appropriate scan mode.Bkav Home Antivirut software offers you many options lượt thích choosing the drive sầu vi khuẩn scanning, scan tệp tin types: Can scan all hard disks và USB, the system drive, select multiple folders, drives, select files show programming, text files, backup before antivirut, real-time protection ...Select the thư mục lớn select the thư mục virusLua scan vi khuẩn scan with your antivi khuẩn software Bkav Home.Currently users can also download the lachạy thử version of Bkav trang chủ - Bkav trang chủ Plus. This is still a không tính tiền version with built-in auto-update & update each section as commercial version Bkav Pro. With the aim of giving the user a sense of security when using the computer, Bkav Home Plus is a free anti-virus software in the world Monday fully equipped with advanced giải pháp công nghệ such as Cloud Computing ( cloud computing), safe Run (safety enforcement), firewall (firewall) ...

Scan interface


trang chủ tư vấn Bkav schedule vi khuẩn scans by date, week, month or maybe not scan periodically, depending on the intended use of each person can choose accordingly.
Home support Bkav scheduled virus scansScheduled scans daily, weekly, monthly or non-recurring scans.Not only that, Bkav trang chủ năm ngoái supports users lớn view logs for virus scanning. Here, this tool gives users time to lớn scan, area scan, total files scanned, the total number of infected files ... for convenience.Virus scan logsSupport for a full reviews of the vi khuẩn scan logs.Also, if you are professional users và features on version Bkav trang chủ và Home Plus Bkav not enough lớn meet the demands of daily work, you can tải về Internet Security Pro Bkav to trial. If appropriate you will only have sầu to lớn spend a very small cost: 149,000 VND.trang chủ Bkav constantly updated, enhanced antivirus, prsự kiện spyware, malware attacks systems, as well as significantly improved performance for your computer. Therefore, Bkav received enthusiastic support of the majority of users, is worthy of Vietnamese antivi khuẩn software!
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