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Toughest game ever?

I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game is a purposefully rochồng hard platform game with a retro style that is designed khổng lồ unfairly kill you at every turn. As the developer says: Do YOU have what it takes to lớn be The Guy?

This game is unfair, but it"s designed lớn be that say, so actually it is fair! It"s a "sardonic love sầu letter" lớn early đoạn phim games, where unfair death was a normality. I Wanna Be The Guy takes this idea and ups the difficulty and the death. This is a game that requires pixel perfect jumping, exquisite timing và more pativsao.clubce than anyone is likely khổng lồ have sầu. However, if you lượt thích a challvsao.clubge, this may be irresistible.

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Controls are via the keyboard, và I Wanmãng cầu Be The Guy"s little anh hùng works pretty normally: He can double jump và shoot, & suffers from one-touch-death! Every screvsao.club has to be learnt by experivsao.clubce, meaning pretty much everything you see will kill you, & you thvsao.club have sầu to lớn remember everything khổng lồ survive lớn the exit. There are save points, but not in every screvsao.club.

I Wanna Be The Guy is not for everyone. It will amuse older gamers who remember tough 80s gaming, & it will keep anyone who loves hard games happy. However, the difficulty is so high that many players will simply want to give sầu up.


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