How do i download 32

I need khổng lồ use a 32-bit version of MATLAB but when I try khổng lồ tải về 2013b it automatically downloads the 64-bit version. I don"t see anywhere on the site where you can choose to lớn tải về the 32-bit rather than the 64-bit version.

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What vị you see if you cliông xã on the liên kết I gave at ?

What bởi vì you see when you click on ? Is there a "Download release" button on the right h& side?

It the right corner next lớn Platform: there is a drop down menu. Windows 32-bit is an option there. I"m assuming that you are talking about windows. 32-bit is only available in Windows.

can u pls give me the liên kết for the page on this screenshot? i couldnt see the platkhung link in that trang web.

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R2016a (and all later versions) have no 32 bit version for any platkhung. You will need to lớn request to lớn download an earlier release (R2015b at latest) lớn be given the 32 bit option.

I have not seen any screen resembling the screenshot given by Wayne King nor have I found any reference to "Platform". So I still vày not know how to access a 32-bit version. Pls help!

Note: you will not be able khổng lồ access that page unless you have already associated a MATLAB license with your account. You will not be able to tải về from that page using a Trial version.