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Outdated plug-ins & add-ons (mcafee webadvisor,..) compromise the security và stability of Chrome và Firefox. Robert Irvine explains why & how you should remove them.

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Barely a week goes by without another security flaw being discovered in Flash, which leaves Adobe doing more patching than a patchwork-quilt factory. In 2012, the company had khổng lồ introduce its own ‘Patch Tuesday-style monthly security update just lớn fix frequent vulnerabilities in Flash. And earlier this year, three serious ‘zero-day exploits’ (previously unknown security holes), which allowed hackers to infect your PC with Trojans, were discovered in the space of a month.

Add lớn this the well-known performance problems – such as Flash crashing và taking your browser with it – và it’s clear why you should opt out of this buggy old plug-in.

A lot of web content that once used Flash, such as videos, games và animations, is now rendered in HTML5, which is built inkhổng lồ all modern browsers. YouTube recently announced that it was ditching Flash for HTML5, & Mozilla is developing a tool called Shumway that converts Flash nội dung into HTML5. You can chạy thử Shumway by installing the add-on & trying the demos at, which include rendering this fearsome tiger.

Sadly, as some sites still use Flash, including BBC News, if you remove it, you won’t be able to lớn see certain nội dung. Instead, you should disable the plug-in & choose whether or not khổng lồ run it when you encounter Flash. To bởi this in Chrome, go lớn Settings, ‘Show advanced settings’, Privacy and cliông chồng ‘Content settings’. Scroll down to lớn Plug-ins, select ‘Cliông xã lớn play’ and cliông xã Finished. In Firefox, go lớn Tools, Add-ons, Plugins và select ‘Ask khổng lồ Activate’ next to Shockwave sầu Flash.

Once regarded as a “key building block of the web”, Java has long served its purpose &, like Flash, its security vulnerabilities now make it more of a hindrance than a help. A few years ago, there was a significant increase in the number of malicious attacks targeting Java, and Oracle (the company that owns Java) was slow khổng lồ patch known flaws. This led lớn Mozilla blocking Java in Firefox, và for security experts such as Gramê mệt Cluley to lớn recommover that users disable the plug-in immediately. Java has never really recovered from this bad publicity, và remains neglected by Oracle.

Nothing, và generally you shouldn’t need to lớn unless you’re visiting a particularly old trang web or using a program that’s based on Java (which will run separately from your browser). One place you’ll use it without realizing is on your Android phone, because Google’s di động operating system was written in the Java programming language, as are most Android apps.

As with Flash, you can choose to run Java only when you need it, but it’s best khổng lồ disable it altogether. In Firefox, go to Tools, Addons, Plugins & choose ‘Never activate’ next khổng lồ the Java entries; và in Chrome, type chrome:plugins inlớn the address bar, press Enter & disable Java from there.

Once touted as Microsoft’s more versatile alternative to Flash, Silverlight unfortunately replicated some of the same problems as Adobe’s plug-in, being slow to lớn load, prone to lớn crash & delivering less than perfect video clip playback. However, that hasn’t stopped many big names from using Silverlight, including Netflix(until 2013), Amazon (for Prime Instant Video) và, of course, Microsoft itself, including in Bing Maps. But with the last new version released four years ago và Windows 8 supposed to lớn herald a new “plug-in free” era, it seems that Silverlight is on its way out.

Like Flash, Silverlight is gradually being phased out in favor of HTML5, with reports suggesting that Microsoft will drop support altogether by 2021. This means that you’re less likely to lớn need the plug-in than a few years ago.

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You can either run Silverlight only when you need it by choosing ‘Cliông chồng lớn play’ or ‘Ask to lớn Activate’, or disable it altogether, on your browser’s Plug-ins page. Alternatively, you can choose precisely which sites can display Silverlight content. Type Silverlight inlớn your Start menu or screen, press Enter, then clichồng the Permissions tab & cliông chồng Allow or Deny for all listed sites.

Hover Zoom

With more than 1.3 million users, the image-enlargement tool Hover Zoom is probably the most popular Chrome extension to lớn turn to the dark side. As it states on its page on the Chrome Web Store, you’re now required to grant the extension permission “to lớn collect browsing activity lớn be used internally và shared with third parties”, which should immediately mix alarm bells ringing. Hover Zoom is regarded as adware by the security tool Extension Defender (, because the data it collects (albeit anonymously) can be used to target you with ads.

If you find Hover Zoom useful but don’t like the idea of being spied on, you can stop it collecting data by going inkhổng lồ the add-on’s Options và deselecting the option ‘Enable anonymous usage statistics’. If you still don’t trust it, switch to Hover Zoom+, which proudly proclaims itself to lớn be a “spyware-không tính phí version of Hover Zoom” and works in exactly the same way.

It’s easy to lớn get rid of Hover Zoom, và it won’t leave sầu any traces of adware behind. Just right-clichồng its ibé on the toolbar và select ‘Remove from Chrome’. Alternatively, clichồng the menu button, choose ‘More tools’, Extensions, then scroll down khổng lồ the Hover Zoom entry & click the dustbin ibé next to lớn it.

What is mcafee siteadvisor ?

Mcafee webadvisor review

What is mcafee webadvisor ? What is mcafee web advisor ?

There once was a time when McAfee SiteAdvisor was an essential security tool, but it now feels lượt thích a bloated memory guzzler that slows down your browser và displays scary red warning messages on perfectly safe sites. McAfee clearly thinks McAfee SiteAdvisor is past it, too, because it recently renamed the add-on mcafee webadvisor và gave sầu it a new look that ditches the cumbersome old toolbar. However, at the time of writing, the transition was still in progress, meaning that McAfee SiteAdvisor is still widely available across the website.


Is mcafee webadvisor free?

Yes, it’s miễn phí.

There are several good alternatives to lớn McAfee SiteAdvisor, which work in a similar way but are less heavy-handed and don’t patronise you with warnings saying: “Whoa! Are you sure you want to go there?”. The best is probably WOT (Web of Trust,, which is available for Chrome, Firefox và Internet Explorer, và protects you from scams, untrustworthy liên kết & dodgy stores, as rated by its community. We also like Bitdefender’s TrafficLight tool, which scans links (including ones posted on Facebook and Twitter) for malware, trackers and phishing attacks, and forewarns you before you cliông xã them.

Should i remove sầu mcafee webadvisor ?

Should i remove sầu mcafee webadvisor? Do i need mcafee webadvisor? What is mcafee webadvisor & bởi i need it?

As well as disabling or removing the McAfee SiteAdvisor add-on in your browser, and resetting your search engine, you should uninstall it through the Control Panel in Windows. You may need lớn restart your PC to lớn complete the removal.

McAfee Removal Tool – McAfee Uninstaller

Sometimes it can be difficult to uninstall McAfee software from your computer completely. The best way khổng lồ bởi vì so is khổng lồ use the McAfee Removal Tool offered by McAfee. This is the tool for you if you are looking for one of the following:

McAfee AntiSpyware Removal ToolMcAfee AntiVirus Removal ToolMcAfee Personal Firewall Removal ToolMcAfee Virus Scan Removal ToolMcAfee Total Protection Removal ToolMcAfee Internet Security Removal Tool

To remove sầu McAfee software completely from your PC, first use Window’s built-in system to lớn uninstall McAfee software. Next, download the McAfee Removal Tool (MCquảng bá.exe) from the McAfee site.


McAfee Removal Tool works on Windows 2000, Windows XPhường, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10. It is not compatible with Windows 98 or Windows ME.