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Từ điển Collocation

mount verb

1 organize sth

ADV. successfully The company successfully mounted a takeover bid in 1996.

2 increase

ADV. quickly, rapidly | steadily | gradually | hourly Election fever is mounting hourly. | up The cost quickly mounts up.

VERB + MOUNT begin khổng lồ, continue to

3 picture/jewel, etc.

ADV. beautifully The prints were beautifully mounted.

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| carefully | directly The switch is mounted directly on the wall. | horizontally, vertically

PREP.. in The kim cương is mounted in gold. | on The specimens were carefully mounted on slides.

Từ điển WordNet



attach lớn a support

They mounted the aerator on a floating

fix onlớn a backing, setting, or support

mount slides for macroscopic analysis

put up or launch

mount a chiến dịch against pornography

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

vb. To make a physical disk or tape accessible khổng lồ a computer’s file system. The term is most commonly used to lớn describe accessing disks in Macintosh & UNIX-based computers.n. In NFS, a folder or tệp tin retrieved from elsewhere on the network and accessed locally. See also NFS.

English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

mounts|mounted|mountingsyn.: advance asckết thúc board climb fix gain get on go up grow increase place position rise setant.: descover dismount