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Need For Speed năm ngoái crack is the lademo game of the popular racing franchise from Electronic Arts available for PS4, Xbox và PC. The new game is a reboot of the series, bringing a collection of elements that made reference in the genre. However, several compromise the end result slips.The new Need For Speed năm ngoái seeks rescue the essence of one of the biggest franchises of race from the world of gaming. For this, there are elements of various chapters of the series, as the tunagem of Underground and cinematic scenes, as The Run & Undercover.The big difference of the title is the presence of real actors that interact with the player. Interesting at first, but somewhat comical along the plot. First for being a cliché, no major twists or something to make the user see the scene. All this because of weak dialogues that summarize the compliments to lớn the actor và challenges in which you are required to participate.In addition, the way in which the actors interact with the player also causes some laughter. That’s because you never talk, and is limited only khổng lồ agree with everything that is said. It seems that the character is mute or coy enough not to lớn have sầu the courage to lớn take a stand on the events.The only moment in which the character takes the reins of the situation is in choosing the missions of determined ally. All the time he asks for help or challenges you khổng lồ any evidence. It is up to lớn the player to choose what will be the frikết thúc of the time.If there’s another striking feature of Need For Speed năm ngoái is the variety of ways. In addition to lớn simple races against up lớn five opponents, the game provides methods lượt thích Sprint, race against the cloông chồng and the famous Drift-maneuver in which your car performs a curve coming out of the bachồng.Another element that’s baông xã are the cruisers. But the return is only in theory, because what should be the big game, supporting hides so never seen in games of the series. It’s a chore to find the lawmen in Need For Speed năm ngoái Download PC Free. And even once you’ve sầu found the agents, thảm bại them is simple, because you just need a good line or a curve sầu.

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Therefore, in Need for Speed 2015 crack pc, those who hoped for the return of some wild chases, with dozens of cars in its wake, will be a huge disappointment. If not enough such tragedy, there are still many daily challenges around chases, lượt thích throw a number of police vehicles, or drill certain locks. It takes a lot of patience và luchồng to lớn make them complete.The Need For Speed năm ngoái meets what he promised throughout the chiến dịch.

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The vehicles are very similar with real models, and visual realism that long stayed out of the franchise. Be by decision of the producers in focus on disputes and other elements, or simply choose another graphic pattern that does not consume a lot of production time.The scenarquả táo of the title also received special care. The feeling is really be flying through the streets và roads of truth. Too bad there isn’t an inner vision of the car for this sense of immersion is even greater.However, there are also a few slip-ups in the visual part. The damage lớn the cars are still well because only a few artificial cause dents in the bodywork without influence the gameplay. It also does not affect the game’s rain, which insists on dropping all the time. On top of that, the fact that the game will pass always night contributes lớn the feeling of sameness.The gameplay of Need For Speed 2015 ended up below the expected. Although the game is focused on something more arcade than Simulator “, there are still problems that could have sầu easily been bypassed, as the vehicles driving at high speeds, or in a few tweaks that do not reflect so much on the performance of the oto.But the big problem is in relation to artificial intelligence opponents. For example, in a kiểm tra that requires an average tốc độ of 250 km/h, even if your car suffers crash và thua a lot of time, at some point in the circuit, his opponents mysteriously thua trận speed và you can reach them. The reverse also happens: even if your oto open advantage, or even rival stay on the road after a collision, 1 hour it will come near you.This causes Need For Speed năm ngoái thua one of its main essences: virtual competitiveness. It may be that this has been the way of forcing a confrontation with opponents of truth by the online mode, which runs all the time in the game. In fact, this is also one of the great villains. First by the fact that not all have internet good enough lớn run the game. Second, if the EA Server fall during a race, you simply disqualified and chiến bại all points purchased.Need For Speed 2015 Download Free PC promised more than fulfilled. The title appeals to bring elements that became marked in the franchise, such as Drift and the customization of cars-the famous tunning. But miss ugly to introduce artificial intelligence ineffective sầu, officers who almost didn’t appear in the game, and also lớn require that the player has online connection constantly. We were in the crowd for a fresh start in the series.