Of which & whose clauses

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Could anyone give sầu me some examples or rules for using ", of which"? I mean only ", of which", neither "which" nor ", xxx of which". Any idea is appreciated.

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p.s. She discovered so many spiders, of which she was most afraid. - Cool Elf

Is it possible, that "of" is not an essential part of the verb in the relative clause?



"Of which" is part of a relative clause.

"Which" is the relative pronoun and "of" is a preposition placed at the beginning of the relative sầu clause, instead of at the over.

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A few examples of this construction are:

She discovered so many spiders, of which she was most afraid.

He answered all the listening and reading exercises, of which the kiểm tra mostly consisted.

The team won a silver medal, of which they were very proud.

lưu ý also that you can place "of" differently:

She discovered so many spiders, which she was most afraid of.

He answered all the listening và reading exercises, which the test mostly consisted of.

The team won a silver medal, which they were very proud of.

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