What does pull yourself together mean?

Origin of Pull Yourself Together

This expression dates baông chồng to lớn the second half of the 1800s. The exact reasoning behind the origin is unclear. However, there are several other expressions that are related.

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Three of these include to fall apart, lớn be scattered, & to lớn be beside oneself.

These all express the idea that someone who is not in control of oneself is, figuratively speaking, in pieces. Another expression that acts as an antonym is to lớn be put-together. A person who is put-together has a svào composure.

Many sources speculate that the idea of losing control of one’s emotions signals a state of disconnect between the mind and the body. Pull yourself together might come from the idea of pulling your mind back inkhổng lồ control of your toàn thân.

Examples of Pull Yourself Together

In this conversation, two high-school students are studying for their final exams.

Lisa: There is too much to lớn study! I’ll never be able to learn all of this in time. I’m going lớn flunk my exams and not be able lớn go khổng lồ college!

Annie: Calm down! You’re starting to hyperventilate. I’m worried you’re having a panic attack!

Lisa: I’m too nervous! I can’t stop sobbing.

Annie: You’ve sầu got to pull yourself together! You can bởi vì this if you just stay calm và composed.

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In the dialogue below, two friends are discussing a difficult time one of them experienced earlier in his life.

Seth: I lost my job, & I’ve sầu been feeling pretty depressed lately.

Jimmy: That happened to me once a few years ago. I got fired, & I started messing up my life even worse. I was so upphối about getting fired that I started drinking too much alcohol.

Seth: How did you finally get over it?

Jimmy: I realized I had khổng lồ pull myself together lớn take care of my children. If I couldn’t be a good father, I would fail them.

More Examples

This excerpt is from an advice column about relationships.

This excerpt is from an article about an actor portraying a politician in a dramatic performance. The historical character must be resolved to inspire his soldiers.


To pull oneself together means lớn control one’s emotions or actions.


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