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We are a collective sầu of passionate artists who love sầu helping actors get their foot in the door. Over the last decade we have sầu helped hundreds of actors at all stages push their careers forward.

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“If you are considering Showreels for your kiểm tra reel, then run, don’t walk to lớn Oriel, Dylan and their crew at Showreels. They were incredibly professional, talented and great at communicating the process every step of the way. I had such a fun experience, loved my scene partner và the beautifully written script they created for us -am so pleased with the results. Thanks again Showreels - you guys are the best! ” — Daintry Jensen, Actress

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“I researched several companies before I chose Showreels. What differentiates this company from others is their process of customization. From my first meeting with Oriel & James, I knew I wanted lớn work with them. We spoke at length about my types, characters, and material. They were patient, answering my lengthy danh sách of questions. Five stars are well deserved. They truly delivered.” — Star Rose, Actress
“Superb! They produced a powerful and brilliantly visual reel that my agents loved. They listened lớn all my requests & sent me a cut bachồng extremely quick.. Will use them for all demo reel work going forward.” — J Osoto Simmons, Actor
“They are professional filmmakers who produce amazing footage-high chất lượng cinematography và soundtracks. Oriel was a true professional who paid attention lớn all the details of filmmaking to lớn produce an awesome result. Thank you for such great work. If you want your acting ability khổng lồ stand out from the crowd then use Showreels!” — Jennifer Mauerhoffer, Actress
“Oriel is so talented và creative. Hyên & his team really know what they are doing, và take there time in perfecting a scene for there clients. My experience with Showreels was absolutely great and my reel has gotten attention from casting directors and agencies right away .” — Giacommo Rocchini, Actor
“The team at Showreels NYC is great! They were efficient, quick, offered directional insight, và had a clear vision for the look và feel of the scene. The final sản phẩm was a beautiful và I’ve gotten a TON of great feedbaông xã on it since!” — Hollin Haley, Actress
“They have sầu incredible knowledge of what works for visual truyền thông as well as all the technical minutia of web, film and editing. They were very receptive sầu to lớn what I wanted for my reel and website and were able lớn bring their own creative sầu power to the table.” — Jacob Salas, Actor
““ I came khổng lồ them with no shooting experience or knowledge on producing a reel. The services they offer is a great investment, and experience. They turned my water into lớn wine, và I am so thankful. My chạy thử reel gives me the confidence I need khổng lồ pursue my career as an actor. I definitely plan on working with them again in the future.” ” — Rolandomain authority Lane, Actress (Google Review)