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The chạy thử proves you can cope with spoken và wr"tten English at a basic cấp độ. It covers all four language ski s, reading. writing, listening and speaking. The language used in the kiểm tra comes from real-life situations. It will help you earn the English you need for study và work situations as we as travel.

KET - Key English Test KET, the first-cấp độ Cambridge ESOL exam at Level Al of the Council of ~urope"s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), is an excellent first step khổng lồ help you measure your progress & build your conflder.ce in English & then progress towards the Preliminary Eng lsh Test (PET) & the rest of the Cambridge ESOL examinations.

Cambridge K~T (Key English Test) is a valuab e qualification since universities and employers all over the vor c recognise Cambridge ESOL exams.

Cambridge KET 6 Complete

Practice Tests

Succeed in







Assessment of candidates" ability to lớn ask and answer questions. (Both persona! và non-personal.)

Assessment of candidates" ability to lớn understvà spoken English on a variety of everyday topics.

Assessment of candidates" ability to write simple English ranging from words to short pieces of text.

In Part 2 candidates speak with another candidate.

8 - I 0 minutes per pair of candidates

In Part I candidates speak with an examiner.

Two parts:

Assessment of candidates" ability lớn comprehkết thúc, at word, phrase, sentence, paragraph and whole text level, the meaning of written English.

Parts I -5 range from snort exchanges khổng lồ longer dialogues và monologues.

30 minutes (including 8 minutes

of transfer time)

five parts:

Parts 6-9 kiểm tra basic writing skills.

Parts 1-5 kiểm tra a range of reading skills using a variety

I hour I 0 minutes of texts.

Nine ~arts:

KET Format

Paper 3 Speaking

Paper 2 Listening

Paper I Reading & Writing










B sold C bought A sent

10. They some postcards & some souvenirs to give to lớn their family.

c had B went A got 9. They unpacked their suitcases and ready to lớn go skiing.

c walk B drive A run 8. It took them seven hours lớn to lớn their khách sạn in the mountains.

7. They packed their clothes & up the oto.

A damaged B lifted c loaded /10lc:; Vi.c.Q-- c i;~" (/()/

B move sầu C take A go

6. They wanted lớn on a skiing holiday.

Answer: I 0 I D D I Example: 0 Sarah và Jacob to go on holiday.

A. bought B. decided C. felt C tJ . r=:

Read the sentences about going skiing. Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space. For questions 6~ I 0 mark A, B or C.

PART 2 Questions 6-10

A Yes of course.

B No, I don"t want khổng lồ go.

C Yes I want to.

can I go khổng lồ the cinema?

A So do I, it"s my favourite sport.

B I don"t either, shall we watch something else?

C I will turn it up for you.

I don"t like watching football.

A I"m sorry I can"t, I"m busy .

B Of course you can come.

C Yes, I am going out now.

~bw"t 13. Shall we go out tomorrow night?

A I can"t read them.

B I don"t like horror books either.

C They"re my favourite.

2. Do you like horror movies?

A Yes, we vì chưng.

B No, I want it.

C Yes, but not in blue.

I. Do you have this sweater in blue?

Answer: < 0 I O D I

How old are you? B. many years

C. too young

A. nineteen Example: 0

Complete the five conversations. Fm- questions I 1-15 mark A, B or C.

PART 3 Questions 11-15

.. I~

Let"s go bowling at the weekover instead.

Emma: You are right. We need lớn get an early night.

::,1 would lượt thích to go bowling but

we have sầu school tomorrow.

Alex: 20 .

We could also go bowling. if she would like khổng lồ come?

r F " Do you want me to ask Helen

..______/ Emma: Yes, we will be hungry when the film finishes.

Alex: 19 . E I"m going khổng lồ play football.

Emma: I don"t know.

Alex: 18 .

,.... "6We could have sầu dinner at a fast

food restaurant.

it will be fun if we all go together.

Emma: Yes that"s a great idea! I like Helen,


At about 6.30, I need lớn vì chưng my homework first too.

17 ~Yes, but I will vị my homework first.

What time bởi vì you want to lớn go?


27. The school now teaches the children how to eat healthy. A Right B Wrong C Doesn"t say

26. 80% of the children improved their reading skills.

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A Right B Wrong C Doesn"t say

C Doesn"t say 25. The teachers also took vitamins.

A Right B Wrong

24. The children had khổng lồ take five sầu different vitamins. A Right B Wrong C Doesn"t say

23. The children"s reading & writing improved. A Right B Wrong C Doesn"t say

22. The children could not concentrate better on their homework. A Right B Wrong C Doesn"t say

21. The experiment took three months. A Right B Wrong C Doesn"t say

Answer: I 0 I D D I Example: 0 The children were given vitamins

A. Right B. Wrong C. Doesn"t say

Vitamins that boosted student;~ brainpower ~"



28. A in B a c on

29. A took B have sầu c take

30. A watch B seen c watching

31. A beginning B began c begin

32. A The B A c This

33. A choice B chosen c chooses ~- -~, ~.L 34. A no B nbne c some

35. A after B for c since ~ ")~~- r .


B. their Answer: I 0 I D D I C. her Example: 0 A. its

There is (34) prize money. ~ individuals và teams compete (35) .. ;:Ji ~I gold, silver and bronze medals. ~ "O

Individual & team achievement is the theme of the Olympics, not competition between

nations. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) (33) a city, not a country lớn

host the Olympics.


The Olympic Games (31) in Ancient Greece, more than 2 ngàn years ago.

(32) modern Olympics began in Athens, Greece in 1896.

Every four years, 120 or more countries skết thúc (0) best athletes to compete

(28) the Olympic Games. Thousands of men & women (29) part in more

than twenty different sports. Millions of p
ople from all around the world (30) the

Olympic Games on television.

Read the artide on the Olympic Games. Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space. For questions 28~35, mark A, B or C.

PART 5 1 Questions 28~35


Love sầu,

Dear Sally,

I"m lying (O) ~"!./. .. "!."!."!."!.~ .. the sun on the beach. The weather is great. I"m (41) lớn play beach volleyball later. It (42) really

nice here. The khách sạn is big (43) it (44) got a

large swimming pool. (45) are lots of things lớn vì here.

Tomorrow (46) are going lớn a museum. I have sầu taken

(47) of photographs which I will show you when I

(48).......................... home page. It"s (49) shame you couldn"t come.

Wish you were (50) .

Example: I 0 in I ~lete this postcard. Write ONE word for each space. For questions 41-50, write the words.

=>ART 7 1 Questions 41-50

G 40. You can drink out of this.

p 39. It is used to lớn hold food.

0 38. You can cook food in here.

s 37. Used khổng lồ cook food in.

F 36. Keeps things very cold.

FORK 0 Answer: Example: O I can use this lớn piông chồng up and eat food. F

the descriptions of the different objects you would find in a kitchen. tirst letter is already there. There is one space for each other letter in the word. ~stions 36-40 write the words.




Remember khổng lồ skết thúc it:

Closing time:

Post office:


Sover parcel to:


r-: Hi Mike, _ Can you post this pafcel fror me? It"s for Miss E. Pitts, 54 Park

Avenue, Camden, London NWI 562. Take the parcel lớn the post office

on the corner of Hastings road. The post off ice closes at 4.30!

Don"t forget lớn send it "Special Delivery". Take 5 pounds from the

tin in the kitchen khổng lồ pay for it.



Reacl this note lớn Mike from his mum. Complete the information on Mike"s notes. For questions 5 1-55 write the information.

PART 8 Questions 51~55

Finally, check your use of tenses khổng lồ see if they are correct và appropriate.

Do the verbs agree with the subject? Is your use of word order correct or have sầu you written in the syntax of your native sầu language?