Virgo Zodiac Ring 14K

This piece is handcrafted and manufactured by All of the diamonds are hand-mix by a master diamond setter in the highest chất lượng craftsmanship.

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Yellow White Rose
Yellow White Rose

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VVS: Very Very Slightly

Included - Inclusions difficult to see with 10x magnification


VS: Very Slightly Included

Inclusions seen with 10x magnification


SI Slightly Included

Inclusions easily seen with 10x magnification, but not visible through the crown with the unaided eye I Included - Inclusions easily seen with the unaided eye



What is the "right" clarity?

Clarity, just like color and shape are mainly personal preferences và there is no "right" or "wrong" clarity.


SI clarity diamonds should not have inclusions visible khổng lồ the naked eye, when viewed through the crown. While SI does have sầu inclusions, they are usually "eye-clean", so provide an excellent value. Any obvious inclusions can usually be seen in our actual diamond photographs, which show the diamond at greater than 10x magnification.